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Parent/Guest Access in WildcatsOnline

Published: 10-10-2011 12:15 am

We are pleased to announce our new Parent/Guest access for our Student Information System, “WildcatsOnline.”

Parent/Guest access allows you to grant parents and other guests access to specific student information. For example, you may give your parents the ability to pay your bill, get your address or view your grades.

Below is the information you need to get started with Parent/Guest access, and where to get additional help if you need it.

Parent/Guest Access Account Overview

Please note, creating a Parent/Guest account is totally voluntary on your part and you do not have to create any accounts.

Each Parent/Guest account can be given permission, in up to four areas, which are listed below:
  1. Financial Aid – View Financial Aid
  2. Student Financials – Make a Payment, Account Inquiry
  3. Student Records- View Class Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Grades
  4. Personal Information-View Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Students To-Do List

How Do I Create a Parent/Guest Account?
  1. Go to eCampus at: http://ecampus.wsc.edu and log in
  2. Click eCampus Content > Guest Account Access
  3. Enter a password, select Enabled and the areas you would like your parent or guest to access
  4. Please note the password before you hit “Save”, and the username that is supplied for you (after you hit “Save”)
  5. Then let your parent or guest log in to verify the access is correct

How Do Parents and Guests Access WildcatsOnline?

  1. Go to eCampus at: http://ecampus.wsc.edu
  2. Log in with the Parent/Guest username and password that were created by your student
  3. Click Online Resources > WildcatsOnline
  4. Verify Parent/Guest access is correct

Assistance with Parent/Guest Accounts
If you need assistance with creating or managing your Parent/Guest accounts please contact our campus help desk at (402) 375-7107.

System Availability 24/7
Except for the following:
Monday & Thursday, 1:00 am - 5:00 am
Third Sunday of the Month, 6:00 am – Noon

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